Combination Room


Photo: Combination RoomAs you walk through the College grounds you can’t fail to notice The Combination Room with its huge wooden doors and windows which overlook the immaculately maintained Fellows’ Lawn.

Like many rooms in the College, The Combination Room has seen its share of changes, having been a theatre, an assembly hall, a gymnasium and a dance studio. These days its uses are less varied and it is most frequently requested as an area for drinks receptions and informal gatherings.

It is a large room offering a capacity of 180 – the use of the patio and gardens outside in fair weather offer significanly more. It is an ideal relaxed setting for drinks receptions and large gatherings.

If you are wondering how it got its name, that’s easy. The room is where the College Fellows ‘combine’, the equivalent of a senior common room.


 no information- purely for layout

13.2m x 8.6m

Standing Buffet

 Horseshoe style layout

150 people


 no information- purely for layout

150 people